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Dear Aviation Industry Representatives

As the University of Kyrenia Aviation Club, we act with the mission of contributing to the development of young talents that will shape the future of the aviation industry. In the dynamic and innovative environment of our university, we aim to raise passionate and visionary young professionals who are equipped with the competencies needed by the aviation industry.

Our club provides students with real-world experiences by providing them with practical applications and industry interaction opportunities as well as theoretical knowledge; In this way, it enables them to better understand the dynamics of the aviation industry and become ready for the sector. By collaborating with leading companies and professionals in the industry, we encourage our students to pursue careers in aviation and provide them with valuable networking opportunities.

With the support of you, valuable sector representatives, we can expand the activities of our club, reach more students and make a stronger contribution to the future of the aviation industry.

You can contribute to our club with various supports such as mentoring by experienced professionals in your sector, providing internship and job opportunities, or sponsorship. This collaboration will provide your industry with the opportunity to get to know the talented professionals of the future at an early stage and direct them to suit your needs.

As University of Kyrenia Aviation Club, we believe that the future of the aviation industry is full of bright and innovative ideas. We look forward to being with you on this journey and achieving our common goals.


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